Choices Then and Now

This website is a Peace Museum initiative. Choices Then and Now is a project that includes workshops, CPD and resources designed to enable teachers and youth workers to plan and implement quality Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC), through the subjects of the National Curriculum, Citizenship, RE and learning outside the classroom. It has been developed with the support of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

What Choice would you make?

There is much debate around the idea that the attitudes, thinking and behaviour that might lead to extremism may start in classrooms and playgrounds. Schools have always challenged this, playing a central role in helping children and young people to learn to live together, excepting difference and challenging prejudice and 'tribalism'. This is complicated when there are divisions in communities, where groups feel isolated from each other and even marginalised. Young people are at risk of being encouraged to 'pick sides' and become participants in situations and organisations, which may propagate extremism and suggest violence as the only solution to difference and conflict.
Choices Then and Now provides one way that this may be challenged. It considers responses to difference and conflict in World War 1 - then - in the early 20th century and now - in the 21st century. It offers an innovative way to enable the critical, reflective delivery and appropriate mainstreaming of 'prevention' strategies in schools, colleges and universities.
The project and resource extol the core values, central to the effective operation of all learning communities, contributing to learning across the curriculum and educating young people to be pro-active and to live together in today's challenging world..

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