Days That Changed the World?

In Choices Then and Now there are simple fact files for teachers and students that are entitled ‘Days That Changed the World’ – World War  I and the War on Terror.

In addition there are two ‘Days That Changed the World’ grids that chronicle key events between 1914 – 1919 and 2001 – 2013.  These pose  the question…. ‘Would you…?’ and highlight for teachers a number of choices (there were many more) that may have been available  for different groups of people and for individuals living in Britain at the time.  They may be added to as required and students could even make their own grids linked to more recent or current events, exploring the question ‘What are our choices now?’

Although these grids are essentially for teachers,  you are free to adapt them to use with students if you feel some of the content/questions may be appropriate. If so, it is important to consider the consequences of the choices made, the context in which they were made and to encourage students to think about their own situations, keeping in mind the generic Choices questions:

1. What information do you have?
2. What’s its purpose?
3. How reliable is it?
4. What are your choices?
5. What will you choose?
6. What might be the consequences?


Choices Then Grid  Choices-DLPurpS

Choices Now Grid  Choices-DLPurpS