Tried and Tested

This page is where you will find case studies, schemes of work and activity plans that have been successfully implemented by teachers and Initial Teacher Training (ITT) students in schools and colleges.Feel free to download and adapt to suit your needs. Please credit the school, student and teacher if you decide to use their ideas and resources.

News in Brief

Teachers at one of  the key Choices primary schools, Nessfield (Keighley) used selected ‘Choices’ stories to encourage boys who are reluctant readers, to read and enjoy reading. Nessfield implemented Choices as a very successful Year Five project (More about Nessfield below).

Key Choices secondary schools Carlton Bolling College, Tong High School and Samuel Lister have used the Choices stories and resources across the age range years seven to ten (and also with year six in their feeder schools), encompassing aspects of Citizenship, English, Humanities and SMSC. Each school has used the resource differently, all report the success of the materials and approaches suggested in this initiative.

For more information about developments in ITT projects, please follow this link – Choices Then and Now and ITT

Lady Royd Primary Year 4, 5, and 6

Choices in WW1 and Choices Now – History, SMSC and Learning Outside the Classroom

A summer term project involving peer education and the use of the Peace Museum as a research tool for children, based around the key Choices questions and taught across the whole of Key Stage 2. The pupils began by considering the choices young people and children faced before, during and after WW1 and compared these with the choices they face today.  The project made the Lady Royd newsletter.

Lady Royd

The work continues, as Lady Royd tweeted : Lady Royd Primary @Lady_Royd Lady Royd Primary

“Pupils continue with their project ‘Choices Then and Now’, building on their inspirational visit to Bradford’s @PeaceMuseumUK#WW1Centenary

Nessfield Primary School Year 5

Choices Integrated Project  – English, Poetry, History 

Pupils in year 5 were involved in a Choices integrated project for two weeks, with a history, citizenship, English and art focus. Click on this link to see the  English based scheme of work/mid term plan Poetry and Choices.  To see the history and English scheme of work/mid term plan tried and tested with Year 5 pupils at Nessfield Primary School, click here  history and English.

Bradford Girls Grammar School Year 9  

Choices Day – Planned and Delivered by PGCE Citizenship student teachers from Bradford College.


BGGS Year 9 explore the question ‘Who is a hero?’

BGGS  Shot at Dawn  'Why?'

BGGS Year 9  Two Bradford Pals were shot at dawn. ‘Why?’


BGGS Year 9 'What factors external and internal influence the choices we make?

BGGS Year 9 ‘What factors external and internal influence the choices we make?’

This is a case study in note form, of how Choices Then and Now was used as the basis of an Initial Teacher Education and school based Citizenship/History starter in a secondary free school, Bradford Girls Grammar School (BGGS). It includes aims, objectives and a synopsis of key activities. You can view or download the document by clicking on this link BGGS Case Study.

What the Bradford Girls Grammar Students Said

Pairs of students answered questions on a Google Docs form, using a hand held device. This is a summary of what they said about the experiences of spending a day off time table working with 12 Citizenship PGCE students on activities based on themes from Choices Then and Now.  Click on this link to see what they had to say What the students said

Other students did a paper based ‘brainstorming’ activity. You can read what they thought about the Choices Then and Now Day by clicking on this link What the Students Said 2.


 St Stephens Curch of England  Primary School Bradford, Years 4, 5 and 6.

iLearn Integrated Project

Click on this link to view or download Choices  a successful scheme of work from St Stephen’s C of E Primary School, Bradford. Integrated i-learn Project November 2013. Created by Peter Timms and implemented in years 4, 5 and 6.


Students working collaboratively on Choices at St Stephen’s Cof E Primary